Three Reasons to Rent From A Mumble Host For Your Gaming Needs

You may not be aware of what a Mumble host  is or the important role it serves in online gaming. You might think of this term being what you would call a very shy restaurant staff, or perhaps a tricky sore that rests on the underside of a tongue. In reality, Mumble is a voice chat client. Imagine a program like Skype or Google Hangout but with all the excess stripped away. What are you left with? A relatively bare bones program that doesn’t support video calls, but gives crisp and clear voice communication. While Mumble may not be the best choice for, say, video calling your boyfriend while he volunteers in Peru, it has its niche as the best way to communicate amongst gamers. Instead of the bulky, unwieldy keyboard communication that gets lost in the shuffle or out and out ignored, players use nimbly, speed voice chat to get their concerns, commands, or questions across in a second. Your gaming quality of life will skyrocket before you even realize how useful and fun this program is. Still not convinced? Here are three good reasons why a Mumble host will change your gaming hobby for the better.

reasons to buy a mumble host for your gaming needs

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

When you use a Mumble host, you eliminate the possibility of playing alone. There are Internet communities with hundreds of thousands of members, such as Something Awful, /v/, and Penny Arcade. These people often congregate on Mumble servers to play their own games. For example, on the Penny Arcade Mumble servers, there are channels for every popular (and some niche) games that are out to the public at the moment. You can join these servers and queue up for a game with them in seconds. Before long, a collection of strangers with a common interest becomes an out and out community. You can meet some friends and allies from around the world through playing games on Mumble. Share laughter and good times as you rack up the high scores together.

Doors Will Suddenly Open

In many popular games, there’s the concept of an end game. Look at an MMORPG like World of Warcraft for instance. In World of Warcraft, you spend 90 levels playing the game, picking herbs, leveling up your skills, finding rare mounts to ride, buying the ability to ride faster and fly in the sky, running dungeons, and generally exploring the world. Despite the fact that leveling from 1 to 90 is a huge time investment, most people spend more time sitting at level 90 than they do getting there. Why? The end game. The end game is running raids, playing with friends, trying for new challenges and bosses, and so on. In League of Legends, you level up to 30 and buy runes and get points to spend in skill trees along the way. 30 is where the real fun starts; you have everything you need to compete at the top levels. A Mumble host is essential for the most fun in end game you can have, as the level of communication turns a frustrating experience into a fantastic one.

Spend Your Spare Time Wisely

When you play online games, you don’t have time to futz about. Leisure time can be an absolute rarity for most adults. Between work, school, paying the bills, taking care of homework, doctor’s appointments, and all sorts of responsibilities, gaming time can be rare. You want to spend that time wisely. There’s nothing more frustrating than having only a couple of hours in the day with which to play games with and spending those hours sitting in lobbies, futilely sending out text messages, and basically wasting your time. Playing alone isn’t always a viable alternative; using a PUG (Pick Up Group) to play your favorite game has a horrible reputation, due to the fact that many games have communities of rude or poorly skilled players. If you go with a PUG, you might end up dying over and over with your few hours of the night. That’s hardly ideal!  A Mumble host prevents that. You can find interested players in seconds, and if someone is part of a video game community and hooks up voice chat, the chances are higher that they have a vested interest in making the night succeed just like you. In addition, this minor barrier is often enough to prove that a player will not stand in the fire or dive into the enemy team five against one (or at least that they have the capability to learn from these mistakes).

For online gaming, you have needs that need to be addressed outside just downloading the game and booting it up to play. A Mumble host sates those needs admirably. Your fruitless, fun free nights will turn into something much more productive, and you’ll have a blast while you’re doing it. You can find communities and connect with them instantly, find new depths to your favorite games by exploring the end game, and save time when you can’t afford to sit in a lobby all night.


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