Tacky Mats: A Great Tool for Inexperienced Renovators

We are in an age where there are more home renovators than ever. More and more people are picking up a hammer and tool set to get to work renovating their home. There are entire TV channels that help people figure out the tools and skills they need to turn their house into a dream home. Whether it’s a new bathroom, a remodel of your kitchen, or fixing up a tired old building into a piece of property that can be sold, it can be rewarding and even invigorating to remodel and renovate your home. However, inexperienced renovators often run into the problem of what to do about the mess, dust, and debris. When you’re tearing down walls and ripping apart buildings, there’s a ton of filth that has to be cleaned up. Add in the mess that comes from sawing and creating new pieces, and then the mud, moisture, and dirt that can be tracked in by your helpers and friends who are doing the heavy lifting or giving you a hand, and then your renovation site can quickly become a nightmare! What do the pros do about these problems? They use the right equipment. When you have a nail that needs to be pounded, you grab a hammer, and when you have a renovation site that needs some mess control, you use tacky mats. If you’re intrigued, read on for an explanation of how this handy mat saves you time and energy on clean up by preventing the mess from starting in the first place.

tacky mats are good for inexperienced renovators

Why is a Tacky Mat Useful?

These mats may not seem impressive, but they do a great deal of heavy lifting. They are unobtrusive mats that you lie down on the floor. If you remember the mats that you used in gym class during school, then you have a pretty good idea of how much room these renovation tools will take up. Once they are laid down on the floor, that’s all the set up required. From there, they passively do their job. Tacky mats are coated with an adhesive; this adhesive picks up any unwanted dirt and filth off the boots of people entering and leaving and from the inevitable mess on the site of renovations. Don’t worry: the adhesive is formulated to only pick up mess and debris, not people. You won’t have to worry about catching your boots or getting stuck to the floor. You can move freely. Once the tacky mat catches onto the dust, it will stick there and not be disturbed, meaning that you don’t have to worry or stress about the trapped dust becoming dislodged and becoming a delayed problem. The difference between a renovation site with these mats set up and one that is unprotected can be night and day. When you have these mats down you won’t notice them as you work, but you will certainly notice the difference they make on your surroundings.

Focus on the Important Things

While we’ve talked about the foolproof nature of the tacky mat and the complete lack of care or attention they need to maintain, there are other reasons why they are fantastic for the inexperienced renovator. The first reason is that someone who is new to the business of renovating has many things on his or her mind. You have to carefully measure and weigh every introduction to the new room. If you’ve ever been in a house that was slapped together without much care or attention, you know how awful it can be. Drawers won’t close, cupboards slam shut, the floor is uneven and you have to keep an eye on your balance lest you slip, and surfaces won’t take much weight. A renovator has to keep their eye on many factors to ensure that this doesn’t happen to them. Dealing with mess, dust, and debris while doing all that can be overwhelming to a novice. Tacky mats let renovators focus on the important things, not the little detail of cleaning.

Secondly, tacky mats are completely straight forward and simple to maintain. Eventually, the top layer of the mat will clog from all of the dust and dirt it is holding. This may seem like a major pain; you might expect having to haul the mat out and bring a replacement in. In reality, you can simply strip off the top layer. A fresh new layer, ready to take all the dirt and dust you can throw at it, waits below. You can deal with the soiled full layers on your own time without having to pause the renovation to deal with it. Inexperienced renovators will find this a treat.

When you’re a renovator who’s working on one of their first few projects, you have a lot of things to balance on your plate. Dealing with cleaning up and taking care of the mess that renovations inevitably cause is pretty low on your priorities list. With tacky mats, you can delegate this duty to these handy mats that do all of the work and take no maintenance. Even the most inexperienced renovator can operate these with ease and enjoy the benefits they will earn from it. Don’t start renovating without these mats!


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