Does Design Matter? Why Every Bride Wants Her Invitation Cards to Stand Out

Weddings are one of the main social events of our society, where people gather together to celebrate two individuals being joined together for the rest of their lives. Their enduring love acts as an inspiration to us all, and there’s nothing more beautiful than two people who truly want the best for each other and will make that commitment. Weddings are a once in a lifetime event that require a certain amount of preparation and work to truly pull off. After all, there are weddings that are best forgotten that we ignore in favour of weddings that are talked about and reminisced of fondly for years.  If you want your wedding to stand out and be a sensation that everyone remembers, it’s best to make design decisions that clearly establishes your wedding’s theme. Every detail counts! When you set a theme, build it from the foundation up, and your wedding will come off as a carefully planned unified whole. If you plan haphazardly, things will be disorganized, and people may slip on the memories of the most important day of your life. Invitation cards are the first thing that your wedding guests will see, and planning wisely on their design can save you a headache!

invitation cards that stand out

Stand Out From the Crowd

Between immediate family, extended family, co-workers, friends, friends of friends, and acquaintances, the average person gets invited to weddings more often than you might think. Every day, brides choose their guest lists and begin planning their weddings. Many venues, such as beautiful churches or quiet parks, are often hotly contested between brides. With the sheer amount of volume of weddings, it follows that many invitation cards are sent out to the guests. By using clever design techniques and being sure to double check every detail of your card, you can avoid getting lost in the shuffle. If your invitation looks like every other brides’, yours might be the one that gets put aside and never picked up again. An eye-catching, stunning invitation will always find its way to the top of the pile.

Have Your Invitation Reflect Your Unique Love

When you met your future husband, was it love at first sight, or did you grow to love him over time? Where did you meet? Some couples meet at school, slowly bonding as they study together. Others are co-workers who come to rely on each other both professionally and personally. Some met at a party, where what began as a fun fling turned into a lifetime relationship. Still others are best friends who’s love began as platonic and slowly evolved into something more. Some brides even hated their husband at first sight, then grew to realize his charms. Each bride has her own story of love, patience, hardship, and confidence that she shares with her husband.

Your relationship isn’t a mass-produced item that you picked off a shelf, so why would you do the same for your invitation cards? Your cards will last as a tribute to your love for the rest of your lives. Your family and friends will always be able to remember your courtship, wedding, and marriage at a glance through this invitation. Don’t rush it or try to find a cheap method – instead, create a beautiful card that reflects how you and your future husband truly feel about each other.

If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Right

If you were just interested in communicating the details of your wedding in the most functional way possible to your guests, you would simply create a Facebook event and invite all your friends through that method. The truth is, brides and grooms are stressed and busy during the wedding process, but many of the traditions have lasting value that last beyond the wedding day. You will regret a sloppy, rushed invitation once you realize that there are no take-backs.

Imagine attending a wedding that was decorated with tin cans hanging from strings, dollar store streamers, and construction paper cut outs. There’s certainly value in getting a deal, but there’s such a thing as going too far. By taking the time to do things properly, you’ll ensure that your wedding is an event that people remember fondly, and invitation cards are a crucial piece of the overall package.

Wedding invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding that your guests will receive. Make it a good one by taking the time and care to choose cards that accurately encapsulate your theme and remind your guests that you’re taking the time to celebrate your love, not complete a legal procedure. With designed cards, you can stand out from the other brides, show an accurate picture of your love that you share with your future husband, and convey the level of legitimacy and seriousness of the event. You only wed your fiance once in a lifetime, so be sure to treat the event with the carefulness it deserves. Invitation cards are a great way to set the tone for your wedding and build a foundation for your event.



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