A Refining Company is the Best Option for Your Less-than-Best Jewelry

We all have some less than ideal jewelry kicking around our homes, or the homes of our family. These pieces are secluded not to retain their value, or to save them for a descendant, but rather to hide them away from the world. Not all jewelry is created equal, and some pieces are less than what you hoped for. We solve this issue by storing these pieces away and out of sight. Boxes in the attic, drawers in the study, jewelry boxes we haven’t opened for years, and other troves hide these pieces away from judgement or disappointment. Sometimes, we initially remember that they’re there, but as we forget about their presence, we allow them to gather dust and rust. Other times, we know they’re there and we just hope that they’ll magically turn into something better or more priceless. Don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap. Why? You might be leaving money on the table! A  refining company can take your less than perfect jewelry and give it a new life. When you have to consider what you are going to do with jewelry that’s simply taking up space, gathering dust, but lacks that sentimental value that heirlooms have, consider the impact that one of these services can have on your wallet and your jewelry. You’ll quickly realize why this is the way to go.

refining company for old jewelry

Fashions Come and Go…

If the reason that you are hanging onto your jewelry is a hope that the trend will come back and save your jewelry from being irrelevant, it may be time to put that hope to bed. If you take an issue of Vogue or Cosmopolitan magazine from older eras, such as the 1960’s or the 1980’s, you might notice many distinct trends. Shoulder pads sown into clothing, bright neon makeup, tie dye shirts, and other unfortunate trends all feature prominently in the pages of these magazines. No matter how much time passes, you know you’ll never get a perm or put on thick layers of bright purple eyeshadow.

Yet we have the expectation of jewelry that every piece needs to be timeless. This is unfair and also unreasonable – pieces crafted after certain trends or styles can just be dated. With pieces that no longer hold any fashion or aesthetic pleasure, there’s no reason to keep them around. A refining company can turn something of no use into a valuable, treasured item. You recycle your cans and boxes, why not recycle your less than ideal pieces of jewelry?

…But Metals Last Forever

Obtaining metal is a dangerous and lengthy process. Some of the ingredients needed to achieve a 99.999% purity rate for the gold include chlorine gas and electricity. People have been trying their best to reliably meet the demand for gold, silver, copper, platinum, and iron, and the only way to achieve this lofty goal is to have the price of valuable metals be very high. You can’t risk refining ore and turning it into something that can be sold. The process is extremely complicated and dangerous. All imperfections and non valuable materials must be burned away from the ore, leaving only the valuable metal within. If that wasn’t difficult enough, then consider that in some  ores, there are more than one valuable metal, each with its own chemical setup. Gold and silver are similar, but not equal, and they share the same ore with many useless pieces and imperfections. If you thought baking was a demanding science, read up on refining gold and silver ore!

However, despite this extreme effort required to obtain ores and valuable metals, no one ever suggests shutting the industry down. Why? A refining company knows that the demand for gold, silver, iron, copper, platinum and other valuable metals is so great that people are willing to pay the high prices. Humans have been slaving over obtaining valuable metals since scribes first began putting ink to pages to record human history. There’s no chance that silver, gold, or any other metal will go out of style the next week – however, your less than perfect piece of jewelry might already have a clock ticking away on its relevancy and value.

Get a Second Chance

Once something is crafted, it may seem like you are stuck with that decision forever – you now have an out of style, out of date, and out of touch necklace or bracelet. A refining company can turn back the clock and turn that piece into the valuable metal that people want and crave. You may have had a piece custom crafted only to find that it didn’t look nearly as good in your imagination as it did in person. You may have been given an expensive gift that you had no use for, or an inheritance without sentimental value. You don’t have to live with the piece forever, nor do you have to sell it as a massive loss. Taking it to the refining experts is a far better option.

If you’re considering getting rid of an old piece of jewelry that’s out of date or doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t go with a route that will give you the least amount of return. Going to a refining company is the best choice and gives you a chance to benefit from a bad decision or an unfortunate gift. You can reclaim the piece and make it into and opportunity for something better, even if its long out of style or a badly crafted piece. The metal is valuable and able to be salvaged, so don’t give up on that chance!





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