Floor Equipment that Keeps the Environment Healthy and Happy

When we go about our daily lives, we often make a solid attempt to be health conscious in the things we do. Sales of organic food are skyrocketing as diet concerned consumers choose to avoid pesticides and other nasty chemicals that cause health risks. People go to the gym after work to keep their blood pressure and cholesterol down. In our society, the idea of keeping yourself in tip top shape is slowly gaining speed. So why shouldn’t we apply the same idea to the environment? Our culture often takes the environment for granted; we flood it with toxins, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals that make our lives more convenient, we pollute in devastating amounts, and we fill our waters and air with poison and garbage. There has to be a better way, you might be saying, and luckily there is. There are environmentally healthy choices to many of the problems we face today. When it comes to floor equipment, there can be a great deal of environmental damage, but there are also choices that keep the environment healthy and the world a better place.

Floor Equipment that is environmentally friendly

Why Use Floor Equipment?

If the equipment we use causes damage to the environment, is it possible to simply remove the equipment from the equation? This is a common question, but it turns out that this cleaning equipment is essential for the maintenance and upkeep of flooring. Traffic and movement throughout a building cause damage over time. Just as wind and rain will wear down a rock as time passes, the constant pounding and scraping of feet and shoes against flooring will wear it down. The heels of shoes leave chips on the floor, children dragging their feet leave marks, and the constant pressure wears down the protective layers. Areas like convention centres, stadiums, schools, hospitals, malls, and universities are especially prone to floor damage after hosting their guests. Eventually, a beautiful, glossy floor turns into a much less attractive, uneven, and overall inferior product.

In this case, it becomes time to bust out special equipment. The equipment can fulfill many options, depending on what is used. One piece of gear can fill in gaps and chips in the floor, returning the smooth surface of the floor from its initial construction. Another type will give a gloss to the floor which acts as a protective layer. Yet another kind is used for stripping the floor away when it has finally reached the end of its lifespan.

Environmental Damage

Where does the environmental damage come from when it comes to floor equipment? There’s no one easy answer. The facts are that there are multiple problematic sources within these cleaning solutions and methods that can cause environmental damage. For one, this equipment, unchecked, takes up a large amount of resources to run. Water, electricity, and chemicals are all used in excessive amounts. Larger pieces of equipment, such as the ones that tear floors up to replace them, often run on propane engines. The amount of environmental damage can be devastating, especially in urban areas, where this sort of gear is used frequently as a response to high levels of traffic and movement throughout packed areas. Not only are there environmental concerns, but also human health impacts. Moving through a tight space that has been treated with chemicals can be hazardous to the lungs and airways.

Environmentally Safe Options

This labour is necessary and essential, especially for high traffic areas, but it can cause environmental damage and health hazards. What’s the solution? The answer is simple: floor equipment that has been designed to remove these negative effects while still doing their job efficiently. There has been a major shift in the field to ensure that the equipment used in floor repairs and replacements meet certain standards. The Green Building Rating System has introduced a 100 point scale to measure a floor cleaning operation by, where a lower number is better and a higher number signifies waste or hazards. Floor equipment that can meet these standards and lower a company’s rating is becoming in high demand – everyone wants in on the green cleaning craze!

What constitutes being ‘green’? For one thing, emissions. Green equipment discharges less water and waste water, meaning that they are much more environmentally friendly. Water dispenses are cut by 70%, yet the floors remain clean and sparkling as always. Many water dispensers allow the user to control the flow of water in case extra help is needed in a particular area. Gas and chemical discharge is also lowered. Minimal detergent can still get the job done, and leave the planet much better off as a result.

With less water and less chemicals being used, the equipment can scale back on the amount of power. The previous models of equipment had the flaw of being ‘overkill’ when it came to cleaning. Now, there is a much more moderate solution that leads to equal results of cleanliness and efficiency without causing devastating harm to the environment.

When it comes to cleaning and restoration, you need the right kinds of equipment to do the job. However, just because you need a job done doesn’t mean you need to harm the environment in the process. There are solutions that take up less energy, water, and discharge less waste and chemicals. Companies are hustling to get on the green bandwagon. When it comes to cleaning and restoring floors, there’s no harm – and a great deal of good – in taking the environmentally conscious route.


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