Four Things a Reputable SEO Marketing Company Should Do

When it comes to marketing your business online there are fantastic opportunities to be had with the implementation of search engine optimization. It seems that most business owners these days are getting fed up with search optimization providers, and not without reason, it’s common for less than reputable providers to outsource their marketing efforts to call centers and have telemarketers blasting phone calls all day; so quite a few business owners are tired of hearing about SEO. However, search optimization is incredibly important, simply put you are placing your website in front of people who are actively searching for your business. That means they’re finding you when they’re hot in buying cycle, primed and ready to make an investment. However, with all the annoying spam telemarketing calls how can you separate reputable SEO companies from the spammers?

SEO Marketing Company

One: Your Answer Will Not Come From Spammers

This may seem obvious, and I certainly hope it is. However it needs to be said; if you’re considering hiring an SEO provider to handle marketing your business online to gain organic search ranking, you should look for a higher quality provider than someone who is contacting you through spam channels. It is important to remember that even though SEO is intended to rank your website higher online it is also a method of communicating with your potential customers, this means that the content that is written for these purposes should be of a high standard.

Two: Transparent Methods

When it comes to hiring an SEO marketing company you will want to ensure that they are using methods that will not put your website at risk. There are quite a number of spam practices to create backlinks in an attempt to rank websites higher; this is usually done through various means of automation. Google and other search engines have made it clear that attempts to artificially increase backlinks are highly frowned upon. These practices have resulting in penalties handed to website, penalties that have dropped page-1 ranking to page-10 or even completely out of the search engines index altogether. So be certain you understand the work that is going to be performed for your website before you agree to anything.

Three: Regular Reporting

In order to track your progress you will want to receive regularly reports as to your ranking increases, and what kind of work has been done, usually these reports are provided on a month-to-month basis but are also made available upon request.  Make sure that your SEO provider will provide you with reports so you can track their progress.

Four: Social Media Integration

Any SEO worth their salt knows that SEO involves social media. So a reputable SEO marketing company should provide you with, at the bare minimum, a very minimal social media plan to take full advantage of this the benefits that social media provides. It’s common to find social media management integrated fully with SEO plans.

Businesses that are interested in, and understand the obvious benefits of organic search engine ranking, are strongly advised to find a reputable business to business marketing agency to handle their day-to-day search optimization requirements.


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