Is it Worth Purchasing a HEPA Vacuum?

There are some devices designed simply to offset the harmful effects of the various toxins and chemical compounds humans utilize for various construction and research purposes, and HEPA vacuums are some of them. It is ironic that although the earth started out with optimum air quality, humans have polluted it so much that it became necessary for air purifiers to be invented. Thankfully, a HEPA vacuum is a heavy duty, or industrial kind of air filter, the best type of air purification system currently available. In fact, HEPA vacuums are specially certified to filter 99.97 per cent of particles .3 microns in diameter. But when is it worth purchasing one? Keep reading below to find out:

is it worth purchasing a HEPA Vacuum?

Asbestos, or Other Abatement Projects

HEPA certified air filters are a necessary element in any abatement project dealing with hazardous materials, such as mold or asbestos abatement. When you’re dealing with harmful materials with a potential to spread, airborne, a HEPA certified vacuum will ensure that any harmful microscopic fibers or particles are pulled into the purifier and kept contained there. For asbestos abatement especially, an air machine with HEPA vacuums should be used; such machines have the ability to create a negative air pressure environment while simultaneously removing tiny threats from the atmosphere.

Where is a HEPA Vacuum Most Commonly Used?

The workplaces which use HEPA vacuums speak volumes about their ability to purify the air of dangerous toxins. HEPA filters are commonly used in nuclear facilities where radioactive substances are a constant threat. They are also found in most pharmaceutical research centres, and in hospitals where doctors and nurses are dealing with germs and diseases on a daily basis.

In conclusion, whether or not it is worth purchasing a HEPA vacuum depends on the level of toxicity you may be dealing with. HEPA vacuums are designed for high-risk environments, but if you want assurance that your air purifier is doing the job, there simply is no better choice.



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