What Makes a Tacky Mat so Effective?

We’ve all had the unfortunate scenario of having to trod through dirty, dusty places outside. The sidewalk is covered in mud, or the only way to the store is through an expanse of grass and dirty, or maybe it’s just been raining too hard; either way, the end result are grimy shoes. While filthy shoes are an annoyance, it becomes even worse when you head inside while still wearing them. Before you know it, your pristine home has turned into a house for dirt scattered under every surface and worked into any fabric it can reach. When dealing with renovations, extra company, or squalls of bad weather, the problem only becomes worse. Luckily, there’s a solution to this unpleasant scenario: a tacky mat.

Tacky Mat

What is a Tacky Mat?

You’ve probably seen them before – the coloured sheets by a door that you walk over without giving a second thought. They’re ever-present in certain places like schools, businesses, or renovation sites. Dozens pair of feet pass over them every day. Despite being unobtrusive, these mats (also known as sticky mats or clean room mats) perform an important job. All of the dirt, dust, mud and debris on your shoe are picked up by the mat, allowing you to continue to walk without spending a great deal of time arduously (and ineffectively) wiping your shoes off before entering the room. Anyone who’s ever spent minutes at a time trying to clear their shoes off knows the pain of having to quickly remove collected mess from their shoes without having a mat on hand.

Tacky mats are more than effective – they’re important. Think of large-scale, high population areas that require a certain standard of cleanliness like a hospital, construction site, or even just your aunt’s place when she has everyone over for the holidays. Now, imagine those places without some way to stop the constant flow of people from bringing in dirt, dust and mess. The impact would be immediate and deeply unpleasant: sick patients, endangered construction workers, and a filthy turkey.

Throughout the year, the challenges that the mats tackle change, but they never vary in importance. In the winter, schoolchildren and busy adults tread in boots heavy with slush. Without mats, this slush quickly becomes a health hazard in the halls. In the spring, the moist weather leads to mud and dirt being unavoidable. During the summer, everyone finds themselves roaming in parks or running in their yard to enjoy the sunny weather.  Then, when fall comes around, it comes time to rake the leaves and prepare for the winter.  In any season, muck and grime gathers on shoes at an alarming rate.

Thankfully, these mats are consistently able to stop these problems from happening. Each mat comes with a speciality adhesive specifically designed to handle this important (but dirty) job. The adhesive covers the entire mat, meaning that it’s impossible for a person entering a room to miss it. The mat also covers enough surface to ensure that even double doors or people walking abreast will walk over it and clear their shoes off.  The adhesive, due to its specific design, is unnoticeable when passing over it. Whereas  a normal adhesive would trap the soles of shoes, the hem of pants, or trip passersby up, the mat avoids that pitfall through its design.

Eventually, the top layer of the mat will reach maximum dirt capacity. Whereas with other products this would cause some kind of kerfuffle as the mat would need to be washed, replaced, or maintained, this isn’t the case with sticky mats. There’s a much more elegant solution; all that needs to be done is peel off this layer and a fresh one waits underneath, ready to capture more dust.

The tacky mat serves an important job, the unsung heroes of the hygiene world. Luckily, they’re more than equipped to rise to this purpose. They’re straight-forward, fail-proof, and require only the barest of maintenance. When struggling to solve your problems with dirt tracking, streaks of mud, filthy footprints or messy hardwood, look no further than to one of these handy mats.



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