Remove Stubborn Stains and Coatings with Heavy Duty Floor Equipment

When it comes time to clean stains or strip a coating from a floor there are a variety of methods to choose from. You can get physical with some hand tools, elbow grease, and buckets of sweat, or you could hire someone to do it – or better yet you can employ the use of heavy duty floor equipment to clean and strip those floors. One of the major benefits of stripping a floor down is that you can either reinstall the same flooring or coating as before or you have the option of improving upon what was there with a completely new look. This is especially beneficial in commercial or industrial spaces that are changing hands or being updated with a new look.

heavy duty floor machines

Removing Heavy Coatings

The rough abuse that floors receive as a standard necessitates that heavy-duty coatings are used to protect them. One such coating is epoxy, there are a variety of application methods for floor epoxies but when it comes time to remove the epoxy you need heavy duty floor equipment that can completely remove any trace and get the floor back down to its original state ready to be re-coated or new flooring installed. Depending on the exact nature of the coating your needs may vary but the absolute best way to approach this task is through the use of a professional floor scraper. This is even more so the case in situations where there is a large area to cover – conventional means of scraping the surface by hand can effectively take forever, if it is even possible to begin with. Some coatings are so tough and durable that removing them ends up looking like a demolition job, not a floor resurfacing project.

Eliminate Stubborn Stains

Sometimes removing the entire floors coating is not the desired goal, but simply resurfacing a single area in order to eliminate an unsightly or stubborn stain. When this is the case there is a variety of heavy duty floor equipment that can help to solve the problem depending on the flooring material or coating. One implementation of such a solution would be to use a floor scraper to remove the top surface of a small area, effectively eliminating the stain, and then re-applying the floor surface coating on this specific area. Depending on the size of the stain and durability of the coating this may or may not be an ideal solution and situations are very specific to these circumstances. Additionally, not all coatings lend themselves to being spot patched.

When it comes to eliminating stubborn stains and thick coatings there is a number of heavy duty floor machines that are suited for this task. The details of the project that you are undertaking will be a significant factor in determining exactly which machine will be of most use on your project. If you’d like to learn more about the specific details about which floor machines will yield the best results for you personally a web search will prove quite useful.



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