Essential Floor Equipment for Your Next Flooring Project

When engaging in any flooring project there are a number of tasks that one will need to pay attention to. In most typical renovation settings removal of the flooring surface will be one such task and it can be one of the most strenuous and difficult tasks of the entire project. Ripping up the old floor can be a very difficult process to do manually requiring extensive amounts of sweaty physical labour. Needless to say, the task of removing old flooring surfaces can be made far easier with the aid of specialized floor equipment made specifically for this task. Floor scrapers are one common piece of equipment that will help to remove flooring from large areas at a very fast rate and (for the most part) with very little physical demands placed on their operator.

floor equipment for floor scraping

Styles of Floor Scrapers

There is a variety of floor equipment, such as floor scraping machines, which available on the market in order to respond to the diverse needs of contractors and anyone who is embarking on this type of work. There are some units which an operator can ride on; these would be useful for large scale floor removal projects or contractors that regularly are operating in the floor removal business. Other units are simpler in comparison providing a stand behind experience similar to a lawn mower. The task of both of these styles of units is to provide the operator with a quick and efficient method to remove flooring, the style of floor machine that a person decides to invest in (and believe me with price tags comparable to some mid-range luxury vehicles this is an investment) will largely depend upon their intended long-term use of the machine.

What Floors Can Floor Scrapers Remove?

For the most part, a good quality floor scraper can handle just about any type of flooring as long as it has the proper blade attachments. When you purchase high-quality professional floor equipment like a floor scraper, there are a number of blades to choose from depending on your needs. You can expect to find a wide range of blades, including but not limited to:

  • Standard blades, used to remove basic tile, linoleum, or carpet
  • Heavy duty blades, mostly used in the removal of VAT, rubber epoxy, VCT, elastomeric coatings, glued ceramic, and for scraping thin-set
  • Self-scoring blades, ideal for removing PVC, carpet tiles, soft cork, and more
  • Straight shank blades, these blades are commonly used to remove wood, ceramic, and thicker epoxies

There exist many variations of these blades; they can be found made out of various materials (carbide can provide for a long lasting sharp edge) and with task specific modifications; for instance, when removing tough wooden flooring it can be useful to have a long taper blade to really get it underneath the boards.


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