Questions to Ask When Hiring a Toronto Marketing Company

It’s a hard truth many Toronto business owner’s face, without an effective marketing effort a business can become a failure overnight. So when it comes time to hire a marketing company, your choice can be the difference between a failing marketing campaign and a successful prosperous one. However, figuring out exactly what makes a marketing company a good choice or a rotten apple is not always easy. When searching for a Toronto marketing company it’s a good idea to investigate a few options. Regardless of which marketing company you end up interviewing there are some fundamental questions you should ask.

Toronto Marketing Company

What Experience Do They Have In Your Industry?

It’s important to make sure that you are hiring a marketing firm that has a proven track record in either your industry or a similar industry. You’ll want to be certain that they understand your needs, your message, your product, and have the know-how to bring it to a consumer’s attention. Lack of experience in your industry may be a sign of disaster down the road, but not always. Remember to use your discretion, if a marketing firm is brand-new they may not have the reputation but if they’re team is talented and experienced you may be on to something.

How Do They Prepare a Marketing Campaign?

Inquire as to how the marketing agency will conduct the planning phase of the campaign. Pay attention to how they plan on discovering your target market, what steps they will take to engage with the market, and why they think those steps will be effective in delivering your message and promoting your services. If you get the feeling they don’t really understand you or your market this is a good time to voice any concerns, for both parties – perhaps they have some informative, educational answers to explain matters.

Are They Marketing Online and Offline?

Make sure you understand where the marketing is going to take place. If you are speaking with a marketing firm that has years of experience in the offline world and they are talking about online marketing it could be a bad sign. These are two very different avenues of marketing. Make sure you get a satisfactory explanation.

Do They Have Case Studies and Design Samples?

Case studies are essentially a marketing companies portfolio pieces. A reputable Toronto marketing company should be to show you some of their past successes full with details as to the problems they faced, the approaches they took, and the success that their efforts produced. Inquire into their design samples; see what sort of work they’ve produced for previous clients. This can be good way to get an idea of the feel of their work. Consider if the design work they’ve done for previous clients has a consistent feel which is important for effective branding.

The decision to hire a Toronto marketing company is not a light one and it is a good idea to invest sometime into the process. However, these questions should help to get you on the right track and start a meaningful conversation with any firm you wish to pursue.


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